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  • Sweet “Ripe” Plantains

    Sweet Plantains – 1.25 lb Bag

    Mi Cosecha is the legacy of a long heritage of farmers with strong belief in freshness and quality. From the selection of the best seeds to packaging, Mi Cosecha pays attention to every detail to guarantee the finest natural product.

    About Plantain:
    • Ripe plantains are a sweeter version of the normal plantains we eat. As plantains ripen, the taste becomes sweeter, and this way of eating plantains is also very popular in Latin America.
    • Ripe Plantains have all health benefits of normal plantains, such as being a great source of fiber, iron, and vitamin C
    • Mi Cosecha provides Sweet Plantain tostones, a good way to eat sweet plantains. You can eat them with several ingredients, or eat them with a bit of salt!
    • Read our article about the health benefits of plantains.